Electricity in Bangkok

Electricity in Bangkok

The Electricity in Thailand (as well as Bangkok) is 220 Volt. Most buildings offer 3-prong system; two for electricity (which support both Flat prongs and round prongs) and one for grounding. However, there are some old buildings or places that offer only 2 prongs (no grounding!).

Plugs that are compatible with Thailand’s electrical system are plug types A, B, C, F and O.

See all types of plugs here.

Where to buy Adapters?

If your plugs are not compatible with Thailand’s electrical system and you forgot taking your adapters, you can go to buy it from Convenient store (like 7-11 and Family Mart), or IT Zone in Malls (like MBK, Paragon, The Malls, Central Plazas) around Bangkok. Electrical devices in Thailand are actually quite cheap comparing with other countries.

Electricity in Public Places

If you are in somewhere around Bangkok and you desperately need electricity because your devices’ batteries are running low, you probably need to find some coffee shops; most famous coffee shops in Bangkok such as True Coffee and Starbucks provide electricity. Some local ones also offer it. Just try looking around before ordering your coffee 🙂