Though I once in a blue moon visit my relatives in Ari, Bangkok, I still remember its tree-lined lanes, wide pavements and beautiful colonial mansion with dappled gardens.

The chirping of songbirds and the pleasure of tranquility replaces the annoying sound of honking cars and Bangkok’s traffic miasma.

Yesterday scenes are still obvious even today. But what makes this ministry-and-military-based community more attractive is an awesome array of dining venues, billing Ari, Bangkok as Shoreditch or Brooklyn or Tiong Bahru of Bangkok (or whatever later to which I can compare it).

As such I have the heart to tell you in this article about Ari restaurants. I will split the content into three parts according to the prices: budget, mid-range and fine dining. Let’s get going (with an open stomach) to see what I have in store for you in the first part.

Budget (฿ ฿)

I know that heavenly good eating but less spending is challenging. However, since you are in Ari, Bangkok, you will never end up in filling your stomach with processed foodand digging down into your pocket. There are a wholesome lot of Ari restaurants.

Auntie’s Steak (อานท์ตี้ส์ สเต็ก)

Auntie Steak
Auntie Steak

Are you scared of blowing your budget and agonizing where to eat in Ari, Bangkok? Auntie’s Steak is such the place. Painted in the light blue tone, this compact but comfy restaurant serves a wide variety of yummy dishes at a very reasonable price. Steak is their expertiseyou choose it, they cook it. Other dishes like Carbonara and Grilled Salmon are delicious to the last bite. If you are a light cater, you can also enjoy Garden Salad or Baked Spinach with Cheese.

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM

Location: Soi Ari 1, Phahonyothin 7 Road

Telephone: +6681 844 5678

Banaree (บ้านอารีย์)

Located in Ari Soi 1, Banaree is a shop-house restaurant that offers you a wide variety of heavenly delicious Thai street foods. At first glance you might be surprised as there is only one electric fan to share in the centre, but you come here to eat, don’t you? A must-order dish is Crispy Pork with Gravy Sauce on Rice. Only THB50 ($1.4 USD), you can enjoy a delicious portion of crispy pork belly perfectly soaked in flavourful gravy sauce and right balanced with fluffy rice. No need for additives. If you have some room under your belt, order other goodies to taste.

Opening Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM

Location: Soi Ari 1, Phahonyothin 7 Road 

Telephone: +662 279 4164

Panary Café (พานารี คาเฟ่)

Panary Cafe
Panary Cafe

Under the condo right beside the Ari BTS is located the first Dutch shop in Thailand that professionally serves baby pancakes. Though the pancakes sold here are a little bit thinner than normal (American!) ones, they are so out of this world—fluffier, crispier and yummy. Since the Dutch doughy specialty is a tad bit thin, their edges are turning up. And when I added butter and fresh-squeezed lemon juice on top, the taste is unconventionally divine! This compact, yet comfy and thoughtfully-designed café in Ari, Bangkok also offers 18 savoury menu and a large varieties of unique beverages. If you are searching for a new way for creative eating, Panary Café is worth a visit. Only 5 minutes from the Ari BTS and there’s your new culinary rendezvous.

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 9 PM

Location: Noble Reform Condominium, corner of Phahonyothin Soi 7

Telephone: +662 116 6889


Reflection Again (รีเฟล็คชั่น อเกน)

I found Reflection Again, a Thai restaurant in Ari, Bangkok, quite lackluster in the first place. Why? It offers produce you can find somewhere else cheaper. The waiter-staff is fairly diligent and a bit inexperienced—they served us two wrong orders and miscalculated the prices. However, what saved the place is its décor and ambience. The ultra-modern style prevails indoor- and outdoor dining space while furniture of vivid appearance excitingly pops out against the backdrop of white walls. Two final bonuses: live music and its own spacious parking lot, which are hard to find in the area.

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 11:30 PM

Location: 21 Ari Soi 3 

Telephone: +662 270 3341  

Steve Cafe’ & Cuisine in Town (สตีฟ คาเฟ่ แอนด์ คุยซีน อิน ทาวน์)

Steve Cafe’ & Cuisine in Town
Steve Cafe’ & Cuisine in Town

If you have a cuisine crush on southern Thai food, Steve Café is a good fit. Originally opened in a secluded riverside setting in Deves, its second branch strikes up a local food scene here in Ari, Bangkok. Personally, I am not really into fiery southern Thai recipes, but the restaurant made me ask for another helping. Bites after bites, the flavours presented here are as authentic as you find in the South. When it comes for the price, you might be delighted and plastered with a grin. Decorated with colourful, retro furniture, the two-storey dining space attracts both locals and foreigners, day and night.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM – 23 PM

Location: Soi Ari 1 (Rajkru)

Telephone:  +662 619 9822

Summer Street (ซัมเมอร์ สตรีท)

Summer Street
Summer Street

It’s winter already and what I have got for the season is Summer Street. Since the food truck trend has swept up the globe, Ari, Bangkok is, of course, no exception. Seafood lovers will go bananas on this as it serves à-la-carte seafood delicacies ($2 – 3.5 USD) and seafood platters ($11 – 30 USD). Two options for beer are available: the household name Singh and Belgium’s Hoegaarden. You should have them by the bottle while slapping your taste buds with prawns, shells, squids and other yummy stuff. Mates, don’t get yourself too dead to the world or you will miss to snap a pic with the photogenic white Kinfolk magazine-worthy truck.

Opening Hours: 1 – 11 PM

Location: Phahonyothin Soi 2 


Now you have got an idea about best cheap eats in Ari, Bangkok. Your trip has now been accomplished as you don’t need to break the bank, still have a wonderful time enjoying your dishes as well as a whopping dollars to explore the city. Ciao!

Based in Bangkok, he’s a full-time wordsmith. His current favourites are cross-fitting & baking.