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You are coming to Bangkok soon so you need to get to know this big city a bit more. Then, you went to the big G for some worthy and inside information and you somehow landed here, at Bangkokbits.

You may think that it’s just a coincidence. It’s actually not. We call it “DESTINY” 🙂

So why Bangkokbits, not other websites?

It’s true that there are so many awesome websites talking about Bangkok as it’s one of the most popular destinations in the world. But what makes Bangkokbits different is that we, the ones behind Bangkokbits, are true Bangkokians who have been living here since we were born (read more about us at About).

We don’t know better than others, we just know differently. And now we are ready to share everything we know, see and experience with you 🙂

Are you ready to obtain our local wisdom?


Transportation in Bangkok

Don’t want to get stuck in Bangkok’s traffic? It’s impossible. How about less-hassle rides? It possible is.

Start here - Getting Around Bangkok
Start here - Leaving Bangkok

Basic Tips in Bangkok

Spend time on unexpected discoveries rather than unexpected problems.

Start here - Safety in Bangkok
Start Here - Weather in Bangkok
Start here - Health in Bangkok
Start here - Time in Bangkok
Start here - Money tips (Thai Baht)
Start here - Electricity tips

Other Interesting Tips

These tips are beyond basic and you don’t really need to know these but if you choose to learn more about them, your life in Bangkok will be a lot easier.

Start Here - 12 basic Thai words and phrases you should know
Start Here - Basic Thai dining etiquette
Start Here - 10 best Thai superstitions
Start Here - 150 websites that will make your life in Bangkok easier
Start Here - best bang for your baht


Things to do in Bangkok

Discover things to do in Bangkok, the heart of the land of smile. Dig a bit deeper.

Food in Bangkok

Great food and good taste around Bangkok.

Hotels and hostels in Bangkok

Choose right (place to stay) and you will never have a fight at night.