Things to do in Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok, the heart of the land of smile šŸ™‚

Well… It could beĀ too soon to say welcome to BangkokĀ as youĀ could just startĀ planning for your epic tripsĀ orĀ you could already book yourĀ trip to Bangkok but areĀ waiting days and nights for your holidays.

Whatever your reasons are, what you have in common is that you want to learn and discover a bit more about Bangkok; where you shouldĀ go, what areĀ Bangkok’s secret gems and many more.

Bad news is that we are not going to be able to tell you where tourists and foreigners love going (because we are not tourists and foreigners).

Good news is that we haveĀ beenĀ learning and discovering Bangkok for almostĀ 30 years (as of our age) and we are going to passĀ our localĀ wisdom to you.

If you are ready to obtain our wisdom, please shout “Yes, I’m ready!” out loud and then,Ā go explore articles below šŸ™‚