Best 10 Places for Cheap Shopping in BangkokPass up the luxurious malls with sky-high prices and dive into the endless mazes of alleys and markets filled with thousands of items and clothing at very cheap shopping in Bangkok. Some of these markets are massive with thousands of vendors selling everything from clothing, accessories, shoes, vintage and antiques, street food and everything in between. These markets and cheap shopping malls are not just for the stingy shopper but for everyone looking for an interesting find or place where the locals shop. Some of these are definitely worth a tour.

If you have a budget; these mid-range shopping places are worth checking out.

If money isn’t your problem and you only want to best, go to these 10 high-end shopping places and you won’t be disappointed!

Cheap Shopping in Bangkok

MBK (มาบุญครอง เซ็นเตอร์)


MBK is the most famous tourist friendly mall for cheap shopping in Bangkok. You can access MBK by National Stadium BTS station or from the skywalk bridge connected from Siam Discovery. A bonus of cheap shopping here is the ventilated air conditional and other options available outside of cheap shopping.

You can find anything and everything here in MBK with over 2,000 vendors mixed between floors of shopping. The bottom floors have everything fashion related such as bags, shoes, leather, dresses, shirts, belts, swimwear and other fashion accessories. There are also some fast food restaurants and a Tops supermarket on the ground floor.

The third and fourth floor are everything electronics. MBK is best for mobile phones, used and new, mobile accessories and repair in Bangkok. The fifth and sixth floor have furniture, cameras, clinics and other assortment of goods. The fifth floor has an international food court and the sixth floor has a Thai food court, both with many cheap options to choose from to satisfy your hunger. The top floor of MBK has an entertainment complex featuring a large Cineplex, arcade, computer gaming room and karaoke. MBK is open everyday from 10am to 10pm.

Location: MBK 444 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok, Pathumwan 10330

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Pratunam Market (ตลาดประตูน้ำ)

Pratunam Market
Pratunam Market

This is a large packed area of streets and small run down malls in between Petchaburi Road and Baiyoke Sky Tower filled with everything and anything fashion, shoes and accessories. Wholesale market prices and bargaining when buying multiple pieces are the style here.

If you can handle the crowds and the run down nature of the shopping area it is worth a visit for cheap shopping in Bangkok. Particularly for Indian style dresses, gowns, accessories and other clothing, Pratunam area has it in many varieties, colors and styles. Bargain your way through the street vendors and levels of run down buildings here. Most of the retail shops here are open from 10am to 9pm.

Location: Pratunam Market.

Platinum Mall (แพล็ตตินั่ม มอลล์)

The most famous bargain shopping mall in the Pratunam area. There are over 1,300 vendors in this multi-story packed mall selling every sort of fashion or accessory mostly for women. You can find dresses, uniforms, tops, shirts, jeans, shoes, cosmetics, skincare, leather and more! There are also import shops carrying products from Korea or Japan.

The mall is like a wholesale mall for cheap shopping in Bangkok so the more items you purchase at the same shop the better the discounts. Bargain for 10-30% off of you purchase multiple items at the same vendor. There is also a mediocre Thai food court on the top floor to fulfill a quick hunger pain before heading across the sky bridge into Pratunam market area.  Most of the shops open from 9am and begin closing at 5pm.

Location: Platinum Mall 222 11th Floor Petchburi Road, ThanonPetchburi, Ratchthevi.

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Palladium (พาลาเดี่ยม)

Palladium is a newer large built discount wholesale mall in the Pratunam area just diagonally across Platinum Mall. The mall has a very similar concept to Platinum mall with more space and over 1,500 vendors.

You can find tons of very cheap bargains shopping here. Many Chinese imports for clothing and accessories are sold here as well as fake designer brand name clothing and accessories. Most of the shops open from 9am and begin closing at 5pm.

Location: Palladium 487 Phetchaburi Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400.

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Pantip Plaza IT Mall (พันทิพย์ พลาซ่า ไอที มอลล์)

Located in the Pratunam area as well. Pantip Plaza is the biggest and cheapest mall for all things electronic and IT related in Bangkok. It has been around for over 20 years selling and servicing the most electronics in Bangkok, most of the items being very cheap compared to anywhere else.

You can find virtually everything electronic in here used and new from computers, TVs, laptops, DVDs, chips, USBs, cameras, printers, electronic home goods, mobile phones and more! For the cheapest and small electronics look at the discounts filled in carts outside the shops with USB sticks, phone covers or other electronic accessories.

Most of the electronics here are genuine however there are a lot of counterfeit goods as well. Make sure to carefully check before purchasing and ask the vendor on quality. Obviously the genuine, new and better quality items would be more expensive. Keep in mind that there are no official warranties or return policies at most the vendors. For official warranties and returns, genuine and better quality electronics check IT City on the fifth and sixth floors.

In addition to cheap electronics there are also many vendors that can repair or replace parts to any type of electronic for a low cost. Open everyday 9am to 10pm.

Location: Pantip Plaza IT Mall 604/3. Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400.

Chatuchak Market (ตลาดจตุจักร)


Chatuchak market is the biggest and most famous outdoor market in Bangkok. The market has become a must for visiting tourists and sent young locals with a free weekend half day to spend strolling around over 8,000 vendors here.

The Chatuchak market is massive and you can find items you would never typically find anywhere else. Beyond any clothing, fashion and accessories you can imagine, there are hundreds of varieties of other interesting finds. These can be vintage vinyl records or vintage clothing, fish, paintings, pets and pet accessories, plants, flowers, small home furnishings, clocks, trinkets, souvenirs, cheap T-shirts, ceramics among other things.

The market is a very large and confusing space. Don’t worry if you get lost. Lose yourself among the crowds and stalls with interesting finds. There are also massage shops, many food, drink and snack vendors as well as some small outdoor Thai restaurants.

Here is a map of the Chatuchak market. The market is divided up into Soi (alleys) and sections corresponding loosely into the category of items the vendors there are selling.

Most vendors open on the weekend only (Friday night time, Saturday and Sunday morning until midnight. Chatuchak market is a complete hot and crowded mess. Go in the mornings when the temperatures are lower and the crowds are less. Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Also, beware of pickpockets.

Location: Chatuchak Market 587/10 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.

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JJ Green – Jatujak Green (เจเจกรีน – จตุจักร กรีน)

JJ Green
JJ Green

A bohemian vintage style outdoor market, with many interesting finds and cool second-hand clothing to shop from. JJ market, not to be confused with Chatuchak market, is located in Chatuchak park nearby Chatuchak Market. You can access it from the same BTS and MRT stations as listed above in the Chatuchak market description.

JJ Green is a bit nicer than Chatuchak, with a greenery spacious color of bushes and green carpeting. The vendors here would be a bit better quality and more specialized particularly for vintage clothes, accessories and other items.  JJ Green has tons of great food vendors and Thai open-air restaurants to choose from, also with many local drinking spots playing live music until 2am.

Location: JJ Green.

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Union Mall (ยูเนี่ยน มอลล์)

Union Mall
Union Mall

Union Mall is considered a hidden jewel for a better alternative to Pratunam area cheap shopping in Bangkok. This eight-story mall is similar to Platinum and Palladium malls except a bit cheaper and less crowded catering to locals.

Each floor is divided into a category such as women’s fashion, shoes, home goods, men’s fashion and other categories. Bargaining is the same mindset as the other cheap shopping areas. You can get some really great bargain deals here for cheap shopping in Bangkok. Open everyday 11am to 10pm.

Location: Union Mall 54 Ladprao Soi 1 Ladprao Road Kwang Jompol, Khet Chatuchak Bangkok 10900 Thailand.

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Rod Fai Market (Train Market) in Srinakarin (ตลาดรถไฟ ศรีนครินทร์)

Rotfai Market
Rot Fai Market

The Rod Fai market is the biggest and best quality vintage market in all of Bangkok. The market is an open-air bazaar with many vendors selling hip bohemian clothes, delicious Thai street food and snacks, as well as vintage items.

You can find an old American muscle car from the 1950s, auto parts, coca cola signs from half a century ago, antique furniture and endless other varieties of very unique vintage and antique goods.  Most of the antiques are genuinely sourced from Thailand and other Asian and western foreign countries.

The easiest way to get here is to take the BTS to On Nut station and then take a taxi to Seacon Square (shopping mall). The Rod Fai market is located behind Seacon Square. The market is open Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to midnight.

Location: Rod Fai market Srinagarindra 51 Alley, Bangkok 10250

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Sam Peng – Chinatown (สำเพ็ง – ไชน่าทาวน์)

Sam Peng is a wholesale run of small alleys densely packed with vendors selling really anything. The alleys are located behind Chinatown on the Southside of Yaowarat Road.

This is the best place to go for wholesale prices especially if you want to redesign or repackage them for resale. In fact many Thai shops in the city replenish their stock from suppliers at Sam Peng. You can find socks, textiles, silk, clothing basics, many accessories, bracelets, non-expensive jewelry, pens, paper, stuffed animals, plastic made items, mirrors, bags, dried foods, vegetables, meat, fruits and anything else you can think of. Come here for the best local wholesale cheap shopping in Bangkok.

Additionally, enjoy the amazing Thai Chinese dishes available in the main Yaowarat street particularly as the place lights up at night which you can read more about it here. Most shops in Sam Peng are open from 9am to 6pm.

Location: Sam Peng

Some tips to remember for all the locations for cheap shopping in Bangkok listed here is to wear comfortable clothing, beware of pickpockets, bring cash as cards are typically not accepted, hydrate yourself in the heat if it’s an outside market and bargain!

When bargaining being respected is honored with Thais and typically their sale price will not be too far from the bargained down price. Some vendors do not bargain, and they will even write that on their storefront.  Best bargains are when you buy multiple pieces from the same vendor.

Go out there and find some interesting finds and great bargains in the mazes of the markets and malls for cheap shopping in Bangkok!